Commissions FAQ

My work exhibits a different approach. I always begin by meeting the clients with plans and on site. I want to listen to their dream for the space and observe their individual design preferences. My hope is to imagine a design which they will enjoy living with. 

I want to see for myself the outlook beyond the window. The ugly things which need screening by clever choices of glass, the aspects which can be included and enhanced by colour. The arc of the sun too is very relevant, this is the daily projector of coloured light and mood into their space. Morning sun, western glare or shaded sections?

Subject matter may require research, the history of the area, their loved ones to be remembered in a memorial window, native vegetation.

Every commission and window is different, the only consistent thing is attention to details of the brief and site and a flowing movement in my design. By choosing an experienced imaginative designer like Cedar Prest you will get the mood of your space transformed. She can listen to your wishes and help transform the look and feeling of your room. It’s about capturing the light entering the space using colour and textured glass to conjure a good feeling, – beauty which projects onto the floor as the sun arcs over! The difference is you are not commissioning a pretty picture to go in a window you are asking an experienced artist to partner with you to create a beautiful light atmosphere for you to enjoy It’s like a theatrical lighting designer, taking into account what’s outside and the arc of the sun to protect those rays of coloured light onto your walls and floor.

A lifetime of looking at architecture worldwide, while collecting unique hand blown glass and new techniques enables me to partner with professionals to design appropriate spaces where people can enjoy working and living. The design of the glass will respect the site and be appropriate to the use of the building. The trick is it will feel like it was meant to be there!

I am a good colourist and have imported my hand blown glass since the 70’s to give me more choice of palette and textures. I studied glass technology and blowing at Brierly Hill UK so I could blow bas relief components in moulds and later worked with Freedom glass in Fremantle to roll Australian colours and textures culminating in all the glass for the wavelets in the Sydney International Airport arrivals Foyer. 

I prefer to make work for a specific site to exhibition pieces. Very personal themes do clamor to be birthed, but invited exhibition pieces are designed to a theme or occasion as with the International Women’s Glass Workshop every two years in the country of a member, Tokyo 2018 or for the special year long show in Galleries du Vitrail, Chartres.

If you are interested in commissioning me for a piece please use the contact form at the bottom of the home page.

COSTS SITE VISIT AND DESIGN FEE Minimum $250. obviously development time and number of variations add to costs.

MATERIALS chosen and used. Rolled sheet glass is cheapest and triple flashed hand blown sheet the most expensive. Range $70-300per sq.m.

TIME spent making up design to size. Generally 1 sq.m.takes 3 days @ $450 per day. Painted and fused work adds more time and kiln firing charges.

Working on huge sheet glass requires working with other studios that have the ability to enamel and fire, sandblast and toughen, fuse and slump or if using Vanveva colour the ability to vacuum seal the films between 2 sheets of plate.

INSTALLATION requires experienced glaziers who will quote for their time and number of workers. Minimum would be around $125 for one hour.